Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I started playing a game called Minecraft few days ago. It's an interesting little game. the basic concept involves, you guessed it, Mining. but there's more! you collect the items you mine to do something else with them. what's that? yes! you "Craft" things with the materials. Hence the game being named MineCraft. it's actually quite enjoyable once you figure out what things do. and how to obtain some stuff.

Well, i suggest the game to anyone who likes a concept of find your materials and make your items.
only thing i dislike is that it seems to play it the way its actually enjoyable, you have to purchase it. just a 1 time fee of course. but playing the Free Classic version is completely different so its not fair to judge it based on that version. but then again.. they should find a way to just let you "try" the current version without buying 1st.

well there's my 2 cents for the day. bye guys!


  1. i have a few friends who've dabbled with this. it's very addictive!

  2. Minecraft is an amazing game, especially online multiplayer... so fun!

  3. Minecraft is the crack of the cyber world agh!