Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Drill

Excuse me for not posting for a while, i was away these past 5 days at drill. my unit had its Annual Training. Great fun. I suggest if you're interesting in a military career, look for a local "State" guard recruiter. you join as a volunteer. as far as my state goes. its unpaid work, and we would only mobilize for an emergency (in the state i joined in only) and we only take orders from the governor.

All im saying in, if you like to do volunteer work, and you like the military. join up. remember it IS volunteer, so you can leave if you want to. i consider it to be a good way to decide if you like a military lifestyle before jumping into the army or another branch.


  1. would like to do but i need something that pays right now

  2. Not for me. 6 months in the army was enough.