Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Farming Route

I just felt like sharing the farming route i take when i farm while playing RuneScape. :] im not a high level. but, i do try to use the highest seeds and what not to train with so this guide of mine changes as i gain levels. (note it is set up so you can take out MY items and swap in your own. i've listed most of the regular places to farm , except hops and some special patches.) oh and i really made it to print out because i like to have a physical copy to look at.

Allotment farming route
Allotment - Watermelons
Pay farmer 10 curry leaves/allotment to watch
Time to grow 75 mins
Flower Patch – Nasturtiums
            Time to grow is 17.5 mins for all but white lily (120 mins)
Herb Patch – Avantoe
            Time to grow all herbs is 75 minutes.
Catherby – Camelot teleport
Falador – explorer’s ring cabbage teleport
Port Phasmatys – Ectophial
North Ardougne – Skills necklace fishing guild teleport
Troll Stronghold – Trollheim teleport (herbs only)
Trees Route
Tree Patch – maple
Pay farm 1 basket of oranges to watch
Time to Grow is 300 mins
Falador Park – Falador teleport
Taverly – Falador teleport
Lumbridge forrest – Lumbridge teleport
Varrock Castle Courtyard – Varrock teleport
                             Fruit tree route
Fruit Tree Patch – Pineapples
Pay farmer 10 watermelons to watch
Time to grow is 14.6 hrs
East of Catherby – Camelot Teleport
Tree Gnome maze – spirit tree
NE of Brimhaven - Ardougne teleport, boat ride
Gnome Agility Course – spirit tree
Lletya – tiny elf crystal
Bush Route
Bush patch - Jangerberries
Pay farmer 6 watermelon to watch
Time to grow is 150 mins
Champions' Guild – Combat bracelet teleport
Rimmington – explorer’s ring cabbageport/fairy ring
Etceteria – lyre/ring of wealth/ fairy ring CIP
South of Ardougne- fairy ring DJP


  1. I quite around the time farming was introduced, and now I don't remember my password

  2. Cheers dude, will be using it :)

  3. Might give something similar a try...

  4. Not a Runescaper, but I'm sure this will be helpful for those who are.

  5. look for speed farming vids on youtube

  6. This would've been useful back when i was still playing rs =^p