Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Fall of Deathguage

It was a sad day for all of Runescape. All of the humans, fairies, and elves alike
(even a couple of goblins) had told Deathguage not venture into the dark, and deadly
God Wars Dungeon. Even though he knew it would be hard, he wanted to take
the head of K'ril Tsutsaroth, and mount it above his fireplace. Unfortunately
this is not how it ended.
Armed with a full set of Proselyte armour, Abyssal whip, Zamorak cape, Holy symbol,
Ring of life, fighting boots, and an Unholy Book of Zamorak; one would think they would be ready for anything. And so he set out on his journey to destroy the great demon K'ril Tsutsaroth.
After obtaining a handy games necklace, Deathguage teleported to Burthorpe. From there he walked west, and the south to a man who sold him a pair of climbing boots, seeing these boots obvious craftsmanship compared to his fighting boots, discarded then and donned the new set of boots and continued along a ridge running north, climbing various rocks, until he made it to  Trollheim.
After praying not to be damaged by the rocks the trolls were flinging at him, Deathguage found a place with a giant boulder and used every last ounce of strength to nudge it out of his way. After getting past this minor, yet large annoyance, he felt very cold, and seemed to be losing his strength and skills a fraction of the time it took him to learn them. Even with his stats dwindling down to nothing he took the time to try and help a  knight he saw near the entrance to the dungeon.
The dying knight gave Deathguage a letter to give to Sir Tiffy Cashien. After taking the letter he went down into the God War Dungeon, he saw many a beast as far as the eye could see. After searching around the dank place he found where Zamorak's Fortress laid hidden within the dungeon.
Deathguage swam across the bridge, and suddenly felt the need to destroy the monsters he saw, mainly the imps, and second in line were the werewolves. After having slain what seemed like forty the need to destroy left his mind, And Deathguage searched the area for signs of K'ril Tsutsaroth, for possibly an hour before he forced an imp tell him
where the demon was.
Death found the door to K'ril Tsutsaroth's chamber, and peeped through the hole to size up his enemy. but to his surprise there was not one but four foul beasts in this room. Remembering all the books he read, three more names came to mind: Balfrug Kreeyath Destroyer of one thousand planes, Tstanon Karlak Despoiler of Ullek, and Zakl'n Gritch Scourge of the Light. Confused. Deathguage thought to himself the consequences of fighting the three monsters not including the only one he knew about. While he was contemplating Zakl'n Gritch opened the door behind him, wrapped his giant claws around one of Death's Legs, and ever so slowly pulled him into the dark and decaying room, while the other two minions closed the doors behind him.
Deathguage was being held by both arms by Zakl'n with Tstanon and Balfrug on either side. And in front of him was the evil demon, K'ril Tsutsaroth. The wretch raised his two blades to strike death, and just as they were coming down for the kill, he pushed back and knocked himself and Zakl'n down, barely missing the strikes of the giant swords.
Gasping for air, Death uncoiled his whip and chanted a prayer from his unholy book. His prayers were answered and he seemed to be immune from all melee damage. Soon, all four demons started to attack head on. Death dodged most of these, but knew he was no match for all of these beasts. Then he noticed a prayer alter on the other side of the room, and realized he could use this particular alter to teleport as well as prey.
As he ran towards the grand alter he felt one of the demons attack hit home, right on death's left leg, and at this point he also felt a strong poison starting to run through his veins. He made it to the alter and teleported away from danger, but still had to get out of the area. And so he pooled the last of his strength to teleport to the small city of Lumbridge. He could feel the poison taking affect, and when he got to Lumbridge, his heart failed him and Deathguage died.

This story is rather old and i wrote in 2007 following the creation of the God Wars Dungeon in RuneScape. i provided a link to where i originally had it here :] (you can see i said i added it to my blog here on that page to :P.. thanks hope you guys enjoyed, oh and Deathguage0 is changed to Gentle Death, so if you catch me online feel free to say hi)
here’s where I originally wrote it. My Original Story Page


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