Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Drill

Excuse me for not posting for a while, i was away these past 5 days at drill. my unit had its Annual Training. Great fun. I suggest if you're interesting in a military career, look for a local "State" guard recruiter. you join as a volunteer. as far as my state goes. its unpaid work, and we would only mobilize for an emergency (in the state i joined in only) and we only take orders from the governor.

All im saying in, if you like to do volunteer work, and you like the military. join up. remember it IS volunteer, so you can leave if you want to. i consider it to be a good way to decide if you like a military lifestyle before jumping into the army or another branch.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My current Career Choices

As part of my English Comp I class i'm required to submit a comparison and contrast paper on two career choices. My choices were food service management and welding. Of course i can only pick one so i contrasted food service with welding to show the radically difference in the nature of the work, education, and the work outlook. This is going to be a 2 part blog, one with my completed essay and one with the results of my grade and my personal opinions of having to write the essay.

Comparison/Contrast essay
3 March 2011
The Best Career
            My whole life I have enjoyed cooking. I can’t think of a time I was happier than in the kitchen. The scent of food I myself have cooked and seeing my meals enjoyed by others is a wonderful feeling. However, in high school shop class I felt the same joy. I loved seeing sparks and the smell of burning metal. By examining the nature of the work, education, and job outlook of a food service manager and a welder, I will be able to choose the perfect career for my future.
            The work of a food service manager and a welder provide different types of job opportunities. The responsibilities for food service managers in a regular restaurant are usually broken down into a team of 3 or more different managers. “A general manager, one or more assistant managers, and an executive chef” make up the food service management in a restaurant. (Bureau, “Food”). The everyday jobs for these positions can very but they all can do basically the same things when needed, or required. The two manager positions can “interview, hire, train, and when necessary fire employees.” They are also in charge of balancing the schedule of work hours for each employee so the restaurant can run smoothly, and call in an alternate if someone doesn’t show for work. Although not required a manager can aid with kitchen duties, and help with the waiting tables as well as other tasks if a lot of people show up at the restaurant.
Welding is a career used primarily shipbuilding, joining steel beams in buildings, and joining pipelines. Welding is called for in “car racing to manufacturing” and is greatly sought after to build any object requiring the joints to be fused(bureau, “welding”.) There are many different techniques used for welding, “over 100 different processes” exist just to fuse metal. The main ways to weld include heli-arc (tig or tungsten inert-gas) welding, mig (metal inert-gas) welding, oxy-fuel (oxygen and choice of fuel), and stick (arc) welding. Each process has its own special uses, but they all have one thing in common, they fuse metal parts together. There are sub groups while classified as welding, they do not use the heat welding does. These two are known as Brazing and soldering. Brazing can be done with the oxy-fuel welding equipment while soldering is done with a soldering gun.
            The education required for a food service manager and a welder is very different.
Food service managers tend to have “less than a bachelor’s degree” while a higher education is preferred by most for a food service manager. Some people seeking managerial duty may seek advanced training and studies at any of the programs dedicated to training food service managers. Most if not all major chain restaurants now have their own training programs to train, give work experience and in a classroom setting. While training from company to company can vary it has been seen that most are trained in “food preparation, nutrition, sanitation, security, company policies and procedures, personnel management, recordkeeping, and preparation of reports” (Bureau, “Food”.) A welder is trained depending on the skill level required for the job. He can learn what he needs from a month of class for low level jobs and spend as much as a few years in school and rigorous practice for very skilled jobs. While the AWS (American Welding Society) grants someone a certificate for completing classes, some companies have set up their own certification program to suit their needs. Employers that offer paid training should not be taken lightly; their welders are usually going to very skilled if the company would pay you for the training. Ones requesting for payment to take their tests can be just as skilled if not more.
Regardless of the pay or the work hours, any welding requires a decent amount of skill (Bureau, “Welding”.)

            The job outlook is relatively good for each career. While food service managers are needed, they are on a slight decline, but there are expected to be just as many new openings in managerial jobs for chain food stores as well as grocery stores. $29,000 - $76,000 was the range of pay for food service managers, from the lowest paying to the highest yearly averages. Bonuses to the job include free meals, more training, and they can get a personal profit based on the food sales of the restaurant (Bureau, “Food”.) Real human welders are always needed. A machine cannot replace a human’s abilities to weld intricate joints. The skill of a welder determines what kind of job he can have, as well as how much he can get paid. The location also is a deciding factor; a qualified welder for ships won’t get paid nearly as much welding in an inland factory.
In general factory welders get paid between $10 - $13 an hour, while extremely experienced welders working on specialized tasks can earn up to and beyond $24 an hour. It is stated that students from many welding schools have an easy time finding jobs.
            In conclusion I’ve decided on following the career of the food service manager. While I really enjoy welding, I may pursue it as a hobby. B. H., the restaurant manager at the local country club*, informed me of the great time he has being the manager at the local Country Club. He gets paid well for his hours and although balancing school and work is difficult he says it is well worth it. By examining the nature of the work, education requirements, and job outlook of a welder and a food service manager I made a decision on the career I would like to pursue.

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H. B. (personal interview)

All items with an * were changed to protect privacy

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Farming Route

I just felt like sharing the farming route i take when i farm while playing RuneScape. :] im not a high level. but, i do try to use the highest seeds and what not to train with so this guide of mine changes as i gain levels. (note it is set up so you can take out MY items and swap in your own. i've listed most of the regular places to farm , except hops and some special patches.) oh and i really made it to print out because i like to have a physical copy to look at.

Allotment farming route
Allotment - Watermelons
Pay farmer 10 curry leaves/allotment to watch
Time to grow 75 mins
Flower Patch – Nasturtiums
            Time to grow is 17.5 mins for all but white lily (120 mins)
Herb Patch – Avantoe
            Time to grow all herbs is 75 minutes.
Catherby – Camelot teleport
Falador – explorer’s ring cabbage teleport
Port Phasmatys – Ectophial
North Ardougne – Skills necklace fishing guild teleport
Troll Stronghold – Trollheim teleport (herbs only)
Trees Route
Tree Patch – maple
Pay farm 1 basket of oranges to watch
Time to Grow is 300 mins
Falador Park – Falador teleport
Taverly – Falador teleport
Lumbridge forrest – Lumbridge teleport
Varrock Castle Courtyard – Varrock teleport
                             Fruit tree route
Fruit Tree Patch – Pineapples
Pay farmer 10 watermelons to watch
Time to grow is 14.6 hrs
East of Catherby – Camelot Teleport
Tree Gnome maze – spirit tree
NE of Brimhaven - Ardougne teleport, boat ride
Gnome Agility Course – spirit tree
Lletya – tiny elf crystal
Bush Route
Bush patch - Jangerberries
Pay farmer 6 watermelon to watch
Time to grow is 150 mins
Champions' Guild – Combat bracelet teleport
Rimmington – explorer’s ring cabbageport/fairy ring
Etceteria – lyre/ring of wealth/ fairy ring CIP
South of Ardougne- fairy ring DJP

Monday, April 4, 2011

Job for the summer??

So I'm considering working at the plant that's practically just a walk and a turn down the street. Where I live is relatively hard to find work. And being a full-time student doesn't help with finding a decent job. I realized that sense i can pick my own schedule. i can just start working there this summer and when college starts up the following semester.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Fall of Deathguage

It was a sad day for all of Runescape. All of the humans, fairies, and elves alike
(even a couple of goblins) had told Deathguage not venture into the dark, and deadly
God Wars Dungeon. Even though he knew it would be hard, he wanted to take
the head of K'ril Tsutsaroth, and mount it above his fireplace. Unfortunately
this is not how it ended.
Armed with a full set of Proselyte armour, Abyssal whip, Zamorak cape, Holy symbol,
Ring of life, fighting boots, and an Unholy Book of Zamorak; one would think they would be ready for anything. And so he set out on his journey to destroy the great demon K'ril Tsutsaroth.
After obtaining a handy games necklace, Deathguage teleported to Burthorpe. From there he walked west, and the south to a man who sold him a pair of climbing boots, seeing these boots obvious craftsmanship compared to his fighting boots, discarded then and donned the new set of boots and continued along a ridge running north, climbing various rocks, until he made it to  Trollheim.
After praying not to be damaged by the rocks the trolls were flinging at him, Deathguage found a place with a giant boulder and used every last ounce of strength to nudge it out of his way. After getting past this minor, yet large annoyance, he felt very cold, and seemed to be losing his strength and skills a fraction of the time it took him to learn them. Even with his stats dwindling down to nothing he took the time to try and help a  knight he saw near the entrance to the dungeon.
The dying knight gave Deathguage a letter to give to Sir Tiffy Cashien. After taking the letter he went down into the God War Dungeon, he saw many a beast as far as the eye could see. After searching around the dank place he found where Zamorak's Fortress laid hidden within the dungeon.
Deathguage swam across the bridge, and suddenly felt the need to destroy the monsters he saw, mainly the imps, and second in line were the werewolves. After having slain what seemed like forty the need to destroy left his mind, And Deathguage searched the area for signs of K'ril Tsutsaroth, for possibly an hour before he forced an imp tell him
where the demon was.
Death found the door to K'ril Tsutsaroth's chamber, and peeped through the hole to size up his enemy. but to his surprise there was not one but four foul beasts in this room. Remembering all the books he read, three more names came to mind: Balfrug Kreeyath Destroyer of one thousand planes, Tstanon Karlak Despoiler of Ullek, and Zakl'n Gritch Scourge of the Light. Confused. Deathguage thought to himself the consequences of fighting the three monsters not including the only one he knew about. While he was contemplating Zakl'n Gritch opened the door behind him, wrapped his giant claws around one of Death's Legs, and ever so slowly pulled him into the dark and decaying room, while the other two minions closed the doors behind him.
Deathguage was being held by both arms by Zakl'n with Tstanon and Balfrug on either side. And in front of him was the evil demon, K'ril Tsutsaroth. The wretch raised his two blades to strike death, and just as they were coming down for the kill, he pushed back and knocked himself and Zakl'n down, barely missing the strikes of the giant swords.
Gasping for air, Death uncoiled his whip and chanted a prayer from his unholy book. His prayers were answered and he seemed to be immune from all melee damage. Soon, all four demons started to attack head on. Death dodged most of these, but knew he was no match for all of these beasts. Then he noticed a prayer alter on the other side of the room, and realized he could use this particular alter to teleport as well as prey.
As he ran towards the grand alter he felt one of the demons attack hit home, right on death's left leg, and at this point he also felt a strong poison starting to run through his veins. He made it to the alter and teleported away from danger, but still had to get out of the area. And so he pooled the last of his strength to teleport to the small city of Lumbridge. He could feel the poison taking affect, and when he got to Lumbridge, his heart failed him and Deathguage died.

This story is rather old and i wrote in 2007 following the creation of the God Wars Dungeon in RuneScape. i provided a link to where i originally had it here :] (you can see i said i added it to my blog here on that page to :P.. thanks hope you guys enjoyed, oh and Deathguage0 is changed to Gentle Death, so if you catch me online feel free to say hi)
here’s where I originally wrote it. My Original Story Page